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"The idea is to write it so well that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart."

-Maya Angelou

Author Julie Sullivan's Debut Novel

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My Story

I'm a clinical assistant professor at Arizona State University where I teach healthcare ethics. Prior to teaching, I headed an international nonprofit organization that sent thousands of volunteer educators to work on education and health reform throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. I have received several awards for my work in Africa, including the World Association of NGO's Education Award for Innovation and Leadership. I am endlessly loved and supported in these endeavors by my beloved husband and our six children. 

Through my novels, I am interested in illuminating aspects of life that have been hidden. ​Those aspects are not given a voice because of cultural sensitivity, bigotry or simply the lack of knowledge about how the repercussions of the institution of slavery continues to impact us all. 

My works are inspired by the past American authors that I admire the most: Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway.

About the Novel

The World is Full of Champions spans more than thirty years from the '60s to the late '90s in race-torn Philadelphia as two proud Black families- one wealthy, the other not- confront major changes when tragedy strikes and the daughter of the working-class Smythe family fall in love with the son of the affluent Whitman family

"The World is Full of Champions is a uniquely fascinating novel of manners that exiles overarching questions of family secrets, social pressure, and generational trauma in the little-known world of Philadelphia's black bourgeoisie."

Andrea Lee,

 Author, National Book Award Finalist

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